Saturday, November 12, 2005

Third Month Update in Baby Book

Harper was immunized at the beginning of the month, which caused her to be susceptible and catch her first cold - poor baby! She's been congested and sneezy most of the month, which makes it tough to nurse well sometimes. As she becomes more aware of the world around her, Harper is fascinated and distracted by objects and her hands or feet often. She talks a lot and has a wide gamut of sounds. Lately, she likes to screech (Dad says like a pterodactyl) or blurt with her lips like she's playing a trumpet. She likes to play on the ground with Mama, reading books and reaching out for rattles or toys. She also enjoys her new toy, the ExerSaucer . Lately, Harper has slept more on her back between Mom and Dad (most of the night) or she also enjoys sleeping in her swing. She's got a little bald spot on the back of her head now from sleeping this way. Harper has started drooling more and makes spit bubbles. She can hold herself up when lying on her tummy, and seems proud of herself when she stands up tall on surfaces.


grandma arlene said...

we had our first date this week. with some small trepidation we waved goodbye to mom and walked down the hall to spend some time together. we rocked and read some books. that lasted about 10 minutees - with harper trying to turn pages and talking to the books - no passive girl here.
we sat together while harper enjoyed the saucer and grandma read to her from dad's dwell magazine. i think her favorite was the time we spent together looking in the mirror and talking to the baby.
about 15 or 20 mnutes before mom returned home grandma used her tried and true trick - it puts them to sleep every time! i sang! its always the same - somewhere over the rainbow - and it worked. she slept in my arms until shortly after mom returned ready to nurse her and assure her that all is still well in her world.
what a rush! i can't wait to do it again.
being with harper these days is a certain delight because she is so animated and busy.

Stephen said...

We are jealous

kayley said...

Family is what it is all about. Harper is blessed to be loved by so many.