Sunday, October 30, 2005

Harper has been hitting the books pretty hard these days. She appreciates a good story almost as much as she enjoys soft, crinkley pages. Fuzzy Bee is the current favorite. She is reading about Fuzzy Bee's friends, Ladybug and Worm, in this photo. In addition to loving some quiet time with a book, she is also more and more vocal all the time. She likes talking to Mom and Dad all day long and you can really tell that she is expressing herself very clearly. Bored or sad talking is very different from happy "Good Morning" talking. She is always super happy, smily, and cute when she wakes up in the morning. She seems to really be happy just to see Mom and Dad's faces. Speaking of faces, Harper is also really into grabbing faces these days. She likes to reach for and grab onto lots of things, but seems especially happy to grab Mom's face or Dad's beard. If she is not playing with or reading a good book with her folks, Harper enjoys spending larger chunks of time in her new ExerSaucer (yet another hideous, giant, plastic piece of furniture that we tolerate because of the smiles on our girl's face when she plays in it).
Further proof of Harper's brilliance: according to the literature, babies should smile at their image in a mirror and respond to their name at four months, Harper has been enjoying her reflection for several weeks already and has recently started to respond to her own name too! Brilliant no doubt.


Harper's Grannie said...

I can attest to her brilliance. I'm sure it is genetic. Her happy, playful spirit is also enhanced by the various original songs that her mother sings to her and by her stimulating wardrobe. (Request for lyrics of her "cute as a button" song and her "do do" song. Please post her Halloween costume photos.)

Ruthie said...

The "cute as a button" one Grannie is referring to:

Momma's little baby girl
is cutest in the whole wide world.
Harper Sequoia Dutton
is cute as a button.
When she gets real sad,
she cries out to Mom and Dad.
We come to her fast as we can!
(repeat several times)

"do do" :

She's good at makin' do dos (repeat 7 times)

Ethan said...

Dad of course had to go and ruin Harper's beautiful song as follows:

sung to the tune of "cute as a button"

Daddy's little baby girl
Cutest to the whole wide world.
Harper Sequoia Dutton
Is tastier than mutton.
When she gets real mad,
she pees (or poos or vomits) on her Mom or Dad.
And thats why we call her Stink Rat!

The do do song can't be touched, lyrical genius.

Stephen said...

Uncle Steve's Baby girl
is the cutest in the whole wide world
Harper Sequoia Dutton
With superior motor function
She never gets sad
Or cries in her bath
She has the arm-strength of a grown man

Ruthie said...

HAAAAAA! I'm gonna sing it to her!