Sunday, June 14, 2009

Harper's First Dance Recital!

The show was such fun! The big girl clearly enjoyed herself and was proud of her accomplishment. (Remember-- you can click on a photo to see it enlarged.)

The heel-clap-clap step is one of Harper's favorites. She can nail it!

"Singing in the Rain..."

"...what a glorious season, I'm happy again!"

I was glad to see that she's not doing everything lefty style this recital. At the Christmas show, she was doing all the steps opposite, but this go around she was starting to turn the right way, point with the right foot, etc.

I just love the contrast between the teachers' legs and the kids' in this photo.

Good buddies enjoying the stage, each other, the dance!

a 3 year old's arabesque... charming.

a particularly cool moment where Harper got into the lyrics and hammed it up a bit

another favorite step, the releve with the swirly hands above

the Finale... "there's NO business like SHOW business..."

the post-show pride

pretty pleased with herself

"Bigsie" the Ballerina and her happy Mama

the two rascally rabbits after the show

Birdie tolerating another photo with her buddy Sydnie, ever-ready to pose

Something about her expression here, the flowers, and the tutu makes me think of Degas.
No extended arms or lanky legs, but the post-show glow and
the tremendous beauty on this little dancer is definitely art.

When Aunt Carie asked her later if she "was the best one" (classic Carie), Harper said "yes, because I got two bouquets and everyone else got one!" She was very proud of herself, which is a big part of our goal with ballet. Overall-- so fun!