Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Email Harper

We just created an email account for Harper. She's writing to her friends overseas, but she'd also love email from her local buddies! She's way into checking it, and I type her thoughts for her replies. Feel free to add her to your address book.

harpersequoia (at)

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Dhanasakthi said...


I too have created a new ID for geethu and it is md.saigeetha(at)

I actually introduced Harper's page to Geethu yesterday and she enjoyed it almost and querying who is who in the photos.

As I was narrating, I showed a photo of Harper with elders and able to convey Geethu to respect the elders. Oh, she was eager to listen to it and immediately went and said 'hai, we r friends' to her grandfather (becoz they used to have interesting child fight always irrespective of he is the one who used to bring her back from school). But today morning, she doesnt want to say him Good Morning to him but to rest of us, as usual.:-(

Thanks Ruthie for invitation to Geethu and your interest on India. Welcome to India.