Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall Fun

Here's Jackie at his second visit to the Pumpkin Patch. I'm guessing he doesn't remember much of his first visit, spent in the baby sling, asleep at just 6 weeks old. This year, the boy ran around, played in the dried corn, rode in the wagon, and sat among the pumpkins observing the bigger kids. Here are some photos to show the fun.

Here's a couple more photos-- first, of Jackie with Aunt Betty. Although he didn't want to be held by her, he loved on her a lot while she was here, even giving her like 10 kisses in a row when she left our house. I think she fell in love a little bit.

and here's my little one wrapped in a towel after his bath. I love that slippery worm!

and here's Jack with his big sis, playing babies together.


Erin Largoza said...

gorgeous boy!

callie Roadcap-Uleners said...

i really missed the pumpkin patch this year! it's something that i always really look forward to...maybe i'll plant one and introduce the joys of corn mazes, pumpkin buying and apple picking to the belgians.

...alas, there's no shortage of face-painting here - which they call "schmink" - which is the ugliest word i've ever heard - which makes me want to say it endlessly;-)