Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ponderosa Adventures

Harper had a great time at the Ertls' cabin up in Ponderosa. Her "hike" to Dome Rock really wore her out so she needed to stop for a quick drink.

Even with all of that outdoor excitement, Harper found time for one of her favorite pastimes...


Danielle said...

I love that reader!

Dhanasakthi said...

Hi Ruth,

Its so wonderful to see this blog and the way you give importance to the cutty daughter, Harper..

I wonder there might be similar stories on Jack too and I love to write a blog on my kid, Geethu as I consciously and unconsciously used to talk about her to everyone who starts asking about her :-) may be motherliness and the love for her..

On the whole, I spent a lot of time today going through Harper Sequoia blog and enjoyed my time. Wish Harper and her little brother a very best in present and forever!.

(I can imagine, you showing this comment to Harper and telling the details; YOU are wonderful parents, indeed)

-Sakthi Balaji from India