Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ballerina Harper

Today was Harper's first ballet class and she LOVED it. I was so proud of our girl. She was 100% committed, trying to do everything the teacher modeled, answering questions, thoroughly enjoying herself.

It was a very happy surprise this morning when we arrived to find that Sydnie Tyler was in Harper's class! We were so pleased that the girls get to share ballet. They stuck together through a lot of class.

It was also extra cool that Teresa (Lee) Vidak helped Harper a lot today. When it was time to learn how to skip, Harper told her, "Excuse me, my Aunt Carie showed me how to skip already!" I also heard Harper tell Teresa that her mom had taught her first position when Teresa instructed the girls to stand that way.

Her leaps were more like hops, but you couldn't fault her effort or enthusiasm.

We were all impressed with Harper's bravery (including Harper) when Harper hung from the bars.

She had a great time and we are very happy she's begun ballet. It is such fun!


Catalina said...

This ballet class looks like a dream. Harper is so beautiful and her looks of wonder are so precious. I can just see her amazing mind soaking in all of the french words! HOW FUN!!

Erica said...

Wow, those might be the cutest photos I've ever seen. I'm so proud of Harper!

Mary Katie said...

Wow-the circle of life just amazes me. How is Harper learning from Theresa Lee/Vidak?!! Crazy. The one thing I must comment on is Harper's feet in the last photo. Kills me. What a darn cutie!

callie Roadcap-Uleners said...

what a dolly

Rachel said...

Yay for Harper! What a cutie pie.
I'd better have a girl next time, or Noah will probably be the only dude in ballet class...