Tuesday, July 25, 2006

6/6/06 - 7/5/06 update in baby book, with a few added details

The first week of the month, Harper had a temperature and a rash, which Dr. Nagatani said was just a virus. I think it was roseola, after consulting my baby books and Erin Largoza. Most of the month, however, Harper maintained a slight temperature and she now has her first molar (on her right side). The left one didn't erupt until a month later, and her temperature subsided. I attempted some baby food again, which she took for a while but Harper really enjoys our food best of all. She likes tiny bits of fresh mozzarella cheese, bites of banana and blueberries, bits of bread, and meat sauce pasta put through the Food Mill. She (surprisingly?) even liked dill pickles, feta cheese, and pesto! She loves to eat carrot wheels or puffs, too (crackers that dissolve easily, specially made for babies). Harper became a sippy cup fiend this month, and she drinks a lot of water between nursings. We now nurse when she wakes, before her 9:30 AM nap, before her 2:30 PM nap, and at bedtime. She also nurses all through the night when she wakes up, which is still very frequent. Although it is exhausting to wake so many times at night, I have to mention that it is also a very sweet part of the baby experience, too. Harper whines a bit and roots around, finds my breast, and latches on, and then she often rubs my belly while nursing. She usually only wants to suck for about 2 minutes and then she pulls off and falls back asleep on my arm.

Harper had a tough month in terms of sleep (or should I say Ethan and I had a tough month?). Even naptimes, it was often difficult to get her to sleep much. It fluctuated between some long naps (1 1/2 hours) to short (30-35 minutes) some days. At night, she woke several nights after a very short while and Dada had to help her fall back asleep and set her back in her crib. When she first wakes, we bring her into bed with us but usually that is after about 2 hours on her own in her crib. Some nights (I assume because of the teething pain), she'd wake in less than an hour this month and Ethan would hold her until she fell asleep and set her back down so that we could maintain a couple of baby-free hours at night. We plan to work on moving Harper to sleep full time in her crib after her first birthday sometime.

We got a new kitten, Sadie, and Harper loves mimicing her meow. She makes a high-pitched "mmm" sound to do so. Harper loves books, and never tires of reading with whomever will oblige. We keep many in the front room on a bottom shelf and she will choose one and bring it to you to read, even the large, heavy ones! She often likes to hear the same book read over and over, but you can tell her to "get a different book" and she will! You can even describe which one you want by cueing her with some of the content and she'll find and bring you the book you ask for. Harper is also very musical. She loves her baby iPod, which plays nursery songs. She has begun bouncing to music and often sings when I do, especially as I sing her to sleep for naps. Harper pulls up more and more and is starting to cruise along furniture. If she's ever out of sight, I can say. "Where's Harper girl? Where's Mama's baby?" and she'll come racing back to me, smiling. Such a good girl! Harper also showed interest in a DVD for the first time (Sesame Street Musical Celebration). She points excitedly at the "dog, dog!" and "duck!" and bounces to the songs.

Ethan and I started a "date night" this month, and have assigned family members rotating Wednesday night duties. We are grateful that Harper is surrounded by so many willing, nay-- excited, clamoring-- babysitters! We think it is a win-win-win situation. E and I get some needed time sans child, the sitter(s) get some fun time alone with the girl who is in her own element here at home, and Harper gets to know her family better and begin to see that the realm of safety and love extends beyond Mama and Dada. It's also good for the separation anxiety (both Harper's and mine).

Harper loves interacting and attention, and she shows affection more and more. She gives loving hugs and kisses more frequently these days. She is a very empathetic girl who cries in concern whenever her cat's meow sounds plaintive or her friend Avery's babbles have a whiny tone. We love her awareness and sensitivity, but also feel protective of her tender heart.

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Briemle said...

I can't believe Harper is already almost 1! Happy early birthday, Harper!