Thursday, May 18, 2006


Harper is so affectionate these days! It feels wonderful to see that she is already understanding what it means to love and care for someone/ something and how to be kind and show that love. She has been giving hugs for about a month now, often prompted by "Can you give _____ a hug?" but she often does it without any prompting, too. It started with Mama and Dada, then extended into the world of her stuffed animals (Puffin was first), and now she'll even hug the bottle of lotion! It's fun to watch her hug objects because she curls her little arm around it, draws it into her neck and leans her head over it. We always say "Oh... so sweet and nice!", which she waits to hear before pulling back. But it is extra fun to be the recipient of a Harper hug, her little arms reaching across you, her head leaning lovingly against your neck.

Scoots turned into Crawls

Harper's been working on the up-on-all-fours, getting-both-legs-going actions for about a week now, and today she actually got somewhere with this crawl. She still vascilates between her old standby (the scoot) and her new ability, but she's definitely on her way!


Stephen said...

I can't wait to get a Harper hug of my very own! We are so excited to see her and her mom and dad in FOUR DAYS! Love, Aunt Erica

Briemle said...

Okay, this is sad that I'm using your blog for this reason, but what's your email address??? I love the current Harper et al pics. How fun that you went to Catalina as a family!

Ruthie said...

It's so sad how behind we've gotten on this blog. I plan to update soon! So much change, so quickly =hard to keep up!