Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Since April 10th, the night E did our taxes, Harper has been scooting around. She pushes forward with one arm kinda tucked under her, reaching for whatever motivated her with the other arm. She inches around, like she's an infantryman dodging enemy fire. We've found that she'll go the greatest distance for cell phones, remote controls, monitor receivers, and anything else she doesn't normally get to play with. The novelty does it every time.

Sitting Up

Harper's been sitting unassisted for months now, but a new development has occured. She can now go from lying on her back to sitting up almost completely on her own! She's been doing crunches for months working toward this, and Easter morning, she and Dad worked on it. She apparently used her tummy strength to get part way up, and then pulled herself the rest of the way by grabbing onto her crib. When the crib's not around, either E or I will help her out by holding her feet down so that she can tummy muscle her way all the way up. Strong gal!


Briemle said...

Glad to hear you're assisting her in her six-pack development so early on. She'll be ready for Golden West's swim team for sure!

Ethan said...

The way she swings those arms though, I'm thinking tennis.

Briemle said...

Possibly javelin throwing?

Ruthie said...

ha! I love you, Katie!

I think all o' y'all's crazy. My girl's gonna be a track star! (or more likely-- a dancer) but fo sho not tossing any javelin. too bizarre!

Briemle said...

I need some Harper photo and blog updates! I'm suffering from withdrawls!