Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Harper has moved!

Harper has now spent three nights in our new house. We are getting used to the space and having an upstairs. Things are still in boxes all over the house and Harper is very patient (sometimes) while her mom works on getting things organized. The first morning Harper woke up with the sun, as we did not have any curtains on the windows. We have made adjustments but the rooms are bright in the morning and with only shear curtains, our wake up call is quite early.

Teething continues.
Harper is an enamel factory. Right after pushing out numbers 3 and 4, she has gone full steam ahead with 5 and 6. Number five is starting to peek through on the top and it seems that number 6 is following close behind. When Harper is teething, she usually needs extra attention and has basically been attached to her mother's hip the last few days.

Harper has started to say "Dada" now. She usually says it when she is excited (which makes Dada happy). She says it in a very cute voice, a little higher in pitch than normal. The father is proud.

The "where-is...?" game.
Brainy baby that she is, Harper is getting quite skilled at the "where is...?" game. You can ask Harper "where is Mama?" and she will look right at her Mama. She knows Mama, Dada, Tiki, and several family members as well as a few favorite toys. She seems to be learning so much every day. We are thankful that her mom gets to be at home and spend so much time with her, exploring language and new concepts.


Harper's Grannie said...

Harper's personality is playful and inquisitive. She doesn't miss a sound or gesture. She communicates with her eyes. Her eyes are discerning, rejecting, teasing, and comprehending. You can almost read her thoughts by watching those beautiful dark eyes.

Harper is very affectionate. She hugs and leans into you. Her little back is so straight. Her posture looks regal. Her features are delicate and feminine. She is beautiful from both sides. The eyelashes and lips are full. The back of her head is round and the hair swirls around a perfect crown. The nape of her neck is where Grannie gets the sweetest kisses and she leans back into a neck kiss. Her gaze is intent and those eyes make her seem like a smart little adult even though she is only 7 months old.

Briemle said...

I really need to meet the 7 month old Harper! She sounds like such a doll!

Ethan said...

It's true, you do, and she is.